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We are a registered training organisation (RTO) delivering nationally recognised qualifications for both domestic and international students located in Perth, Western Australia.

Be prepared to experience everything AILFE has to offer!

From us...


Here at AILFE, you will enjoy an industry leading training approach in your learning journey, which combines both theoretical and practical skill based training. The knowledge you will gain from the lessons delivered by our experienced and subject specialist trainers, and the practical trainings at simulated/ real workplace will empower you to be successful in your chosen career.


As a student of AILFE, you will enjoy the fun and creative classroom learning environment, combined with many exciting educational excursions. You get the opportunity to make new friends, learn the Australian and other countries’ culture all under one roof.


Foreword from AILFE’s Principal Executive Officer

It’s with great delight I introduce AILFE to all our stakeholders.  AILFE has grown exponentially in the introduction of new courses as well as in the student enrolments.  We are proud to be noted as a quality focused National Vocational Registered Training Organisation regulated by Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).The courses are delivered by specialised Trainers backed with years of experience in the relevant

industries. Students completing the courses successfully will be job fit and work ready graduates.


The fun-filled student events enable students to stretch their creativity, simply make more new friends and get to know their Trainers at a different level. On scope we have now

English, Business, Sports and Child Care courses of various levels. There are a variety of contemporary business courses for the learners to choose from.

Why choose to study at AILFE?

  • Empowers learners with knowledge for corporate excellence

  • Industry driven courses

  • Work ready graduates

  • Diversified student community

  • Specialized, creative and experienced trainers

  • Student centered activities

  • Latest version learner resources

  • Fun-filled student events

  • Caring and friendly management team

  • Fully equipped and well maintained campus

  • Safe and strategic location

From our students...

​"The teachers are very patient and supportive."

"I love the location of the college, close to shops, restaurants and everything I need."

"The student service staff are so helpful. It's a nice environment for my learning experience."

"I have made so many new friends! Everyone is so friendly and nice here."

"Our teacher always makes the class interesting."

Students Testimonials


"I would recommend AILFE to anyone considering furthering their education. I was surprised at the high level of support I received from their admissions team. I felt listened to and I felt AIFE really took the time to understand my needs and work with me to create an educational pathway that worked for me.

I have made many visits and phone calls with different colleges, I decided on AILFE. Education is not one size fits all. We all have individual personal, educational, and career goals. I felt AILFE was the only college I approached that really took the time to understand where I was at and what I was looking for.

I am so happy with my decision. My instructor, Shantha, was not only knowledgable with an MBA and an extensive international background in business, but she really supported my ability to apply what I learnt in my workplace.

I started the course unsure how the year would unfold. Now, having finished the course, I am more of an asset to my company than ever before. I am happy to report I am being sponsored by my company and will be getting my residency in 2017.

I would sincerely like to thank the amazing team at AILFE for their ongoing support, positive attitude, and exceptional customer service throughout my journey. And to my instructor, Shantha, I could not have done this without you.

I would enrol in another course at AILFE without hesitation.''


Angelica PAPA  3_edited.jpg


My name is Angelica Papa and in 2017 I completed a Cert IV course in Business with AILFE. As an international student from Italy I wanted to learn the fundamentals of how a business is run in Australia.

With the help of my teacher Aaron, I was able to learn about the specifics of business structure and also a wide range of topics which are applicable to everyday life and different jobs.

For example Health and Safety regulations, rights and responsibilities of employers and employees, customer service, problem solving and internal relations.

Before I started I was lacking computer skills but Aaron, very patiently, taught me how to use the basic programs and the correct form of answering assignments questions.

I had a very good experience and I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to form a solid ground for entering the job market.


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