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Unique Student Identifier (USI)

Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a national student number that allows you to see all of your training results from all providers in one place. From 1 January 2015, it is a Federal Government requirement that every student will need a USI to obtain their qualification from their registered training organisation (such as ASFA Learning). From this date, all qualification course students are required to register for a USI before they enrol. The USI is handy as you only need one for all of your study over your lifetime.

Creating a Unique Student Identifier (USI) will only take a few minutes and it is free. You only need to create a USI once and it will stay with you for life. After you create your USI, you then need to give it to each training organisation you train with when you enrol. Although most students create their own USI’s, we are able to create a USI for you, with your permission. You will be required to fill in the USI form on your commencement date.

To find out more about the USI, watch the video:

Please click here to create your USI.

click here to submit your USI.

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