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This course provides a general education curriculum framework for English as an additional language and literacy education.  It is designed primarily for students coming from a non-English speaking background, who need to develop language skills to participate in a range of community contexts.


This course is described as an elementary beginner course for learners who wish to develop a basic level of English, literacy and numeracy skills and who have had some formal or informal exposure to English.



Total Course Duration of 30 weeks includes:

  • Face-to-face sessions in the classroom

  • Educational excursion

  • 5 week's Study Break


Entry Requirements

  • Completed Year 10 or equivalent


Mode of Study

  • Instructor Led

  • Facilitated Workshop

  • Self-Study

  • Excursions


The units of competency are assessed using any of the following methods:

  • Demonstration/Observation

  • Scenario – problem solving

  • Role play

  • Verbal/Written Questioning

  • Report/Learner Documents

  • Presentation

Unit of Competency

SWELRN101A  Basic learning strategies

SWEPER102A Giving personal information

SWEINF104A  Comprehending spoken information and instructions

SWECON105A Comprehending and participating in short conversations

SWEDES109A  Comprehending and composing written descriptions

SWEREC110A Comprehending and composing written recounts

SWETXT111A  Comprehending and composing short informal written texts

CRICOS code: 093168F


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