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This course is an advanced general education EAL curriculum in the highly specialized field of English for academic purposes. It is designed for advanced learners who are preparing for academic study.


Graduates of this course can develop language and literacy knowledge and skills that will enable them to produce high level responses to assignments and examinations that conform to academic principles of acknowledging the work of others and avoiding plagiarism.


Learners can develop study and interaction skills that enable them to:


  • participate productively in group assignments and projects and tutorial discussions

  • produce written texts that conform to established patterns of academic writing through an understanding of how different texts types such as discussions, reports and expositions are structured and the grammatical patterns that structure information and argument logically in cohesive texts.


This course can provide the academic language and literacy skills that enable learners of English as an additional language to read a range of complex texts and develop high-level responses to assessment requirements in academic contexts.


Graduates of this course will be able to apply this knowledge to demonstrate their expertise in the specific academic disciplines in which they are preparing to study.

CRICOS code: 089000J



Total Course Duration of 30 weeks includes:

  • Face-to-face sessions in the classroom

  • Educational excursion

  • 5 week's Study Break


Entry Requirements

  • Completed Year 10 or equivalent

  • Overseas student must have a minimum overall band of IELTS 5.0 or equivalent.


Mode of Study

  • Instructor Led

  • Facilitated Workshop

  • Self-Study



The units of competency are assessed using any of the following methods:

  • Demonstration/Observation

  • Scenario – problem solving

  • Role play

  • Verbal/Written Questioning

  • Report/Learner Documents

  • Presentation

  • Audio/Video Recording

  • Text analyses

  • Grammar-focused activities


Unit of Competency

SWELRN401A  Learning strategies for further studies

SWEREA404A  Reading and note-taking skills for further studies

SWEPER405A Writing skills for persuasive essays

SWEANA406A Writing skills for academic reports

SWELIS407A   Listening and taking notes in presentations

SWESPE408A Speaking and writing skills for presentations

SWEDIS409A  Speaking skills for discussions

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