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This qualification reflects the role of pastry chefs who have a supervisory or team leading role in the kitchen. they operate independently or with limited guidance from others and use discretion to solve non-routine problems.

This qualification provides a pathway to work in various organisations where patisserie products are prepared and served, including patisseries, restaurants, hotels, catering operations, clubs, pubs, cafes, and coffee shops.

As part of this qualification you will undertake a supervised work placement (minimum of 360 hours) where you will be able to apply the skills and knowledge you have learned.


CRICOS code: 109474E


Course Duration

Total course duration of 93 weeks include:

  • Face-to-face sessions in classroom

  • Practical training and assessment

  • Study Breaks


Entry Requirement

  • Completion of Certificate III in Patisserie

  • Overseas student must have a minimum overall band of IELTS 5.5 or equivalent


Career Opportunities

  • Chef de partie

  • Chef patissier



The units of competency are assessed using any of the following methods:

  • Underpinning knowledge assessment through written exam questions

  • Projects and presentations

  • Practical observation

  • Roles plays


Further Study

After successful completion of Certificate IV in Patisserie, students can pursue the Diploma of Hospitality Management

Unit Competencies

There are 32 units in total must be completed for this qualification.


Units below with * are units from AILFE SIT31016 Certificate III in Patisserie course, students will received credit transfer if they have successfully completed this course. In this case, the total duration is 26 weeks.

   Core Units

   BSBDIV501      Manage diversity in the workplace

   BSBSUS401     Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

   SITHKOP005   Coordinate cooking operations 

   SITHPAT007     Prepare and model marzipan

   SITHPAT008     Produce chocolate confectionery

   SITHPAT009     Model sugar-based decorations

   SITHPAT010     Design and produce sweet buffet showpieces

   SITXCOM005   Manage conflict

   SITXFIN003      Manage finances within a budget

   SITXHRM003   Lead and manage people

   SITXMGT001   Monitor work operations

   SITXWHS003   Implement and monitor work health and safety practices


   SITXFSA001*     Use hygienic practices for food safety

   SITXFSA002*     Participate in safe food handling practices

   SITXHRM001*   Coach others in job skills

   SITXINV002*     Maintain the quality of perishable items

   SITHCCC001*   Use food preparation equipment

   SITHCCC005*   Prepare dishes using basic methods of cookery

   SITHCCC011*   Use cookery skills effectively

   SITHCCC018*   Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements

   SITHPAT001*     Produce cakes

   SITHPAT002*     Produce gateaux, torten and cakes

   SITHPAT003*     Produce pastries

   SITHPAT004*     Produce yeast-based bakery products

   SITHPAT005*     Produce petits fours

   SITHPAT006*     Produce desserts

   Elective Units

   SITHCCC015*   Produce and serve food for buffets

   SITXCCS003*    Interact with customers

   BSBWOR203*   Work effectively with others

   SITXINV001*    Receive and store stock

   SITHKOP002*   Plan and cost basic menus

   SITHKOP004   Develop menus for special dietary requirements

Delivery Premise

Theory study: Level 3, 100-104 Murray Street, Perth WA 6000 (AILFE)

Kitchen practice: Tenant 1, Ground Floor, 100-104 Murray Street, Perth WA 6000 (The School Cafe)

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