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AUR30620 Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology

Kickstart your mechanical career with Automotive courses that will get you working in the automotive industry sooner.


Throughout your studies, you will learn most aspects of motor mechanics including how to diagnose complex faults in light vehicle petrol engines, electronic spark ignition engine management systems, and braking systems.

Enter the automotive service and repair industry with this qualification. This course teaches you a broad range of skills that can be performed on light vehicles such as how to inspect and service engines; how to test, charge and replace batteries; and how to jump-start vehicles and carry out general servicing operations using specific tools and equipment.

CRICOS code: 112272M


Course Duration

The total Course Duration of 78 weeks includes the:

  • Face-to-face sessions in the classroom

  • Practical training and assessments

  • Study Break


Entry Requirements

  • Completion of Year 10 or equivalent

  • Overseas students must have a minimum overall band of IELTS 5.0 or equivalent.


Career Opportunities

  • Light Vehicle Mechanical Technician

  • Motor Mechanic

  • Service Technician



The units of competency are assessed using any of the following methods:

  • Theory Tasks

  • Observation


After the Successful Completion of

Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, students can pursue Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis


  • AURASA102 - Follow safe working practices in an automotive workplace

  • AURETR112 - Test and repair basic electrical circuits

  • AURETR123 - Diagnose and repair spark ignition engine management systems

  • AURETR125 - Test, charge, and replace batteries and jump-start vehicles

  • AURETR129 - Diagnose and repair charging systems

  • AURACA101 - Respond to customer needs and inquiries in an automotive workplace

  • AURETR130 - Diagnose and repair starting systems

  • AURETR131 - Diagnose and repair ignition systems

  • AURLTB103 - Diagnose and repair light vehicle hydraulic braking systems 

  • AURLTD104 - Diagnose and repair light vehicle steering systems

  • AURLTD105 - Diagnose and repair light vehicle suspension systems

  • AURLTE102 - Diagnose and repair light vehicle engines

  • AURLTZ101 - Diagnose and repair light vehicle emission control systems

  • AURTTA104 - Carry out servicing operations

  • AURTTA118 - Develop and carry out diagnostic test strategies

  • AURTTB101 - Inspect and service braking systems

  • AURTTC103 - Diagnose and repair cooling systems

  • AURTTE104 - Inspect and service engines

  • AURTTF101 - Inspect and service petrol fuel systems

  • AURTTK102 - Use and maintain tools and equipment in an automotive workplace 

  • AURETR010 - Repair wiring harnesses and looms

  • AURETD101 - Diagnose and repair electronically controlled steering systems 

  • AURTTD002 - Inspect and service steering systems

  • AURLTD106 - Carry out light vehicle wheel alignment operations

  • AURLTJ102 - Remove, inspect, repair, and refit light vehicle tires and tubes

  • AURTTB015 - Assemble and fit braking system components

  • AURTTZ102 - Diagnose and repair exhaust systems

  • AURTTC001 - Inspect and service cooling systems

  • AURTTA017 - Carry out vehicle safety inspections

  • AURAEA002 - Follow environmental and sustainability best practices in an automotive workplace

  • AURETR011 - Install basic ancillary electrical systems and components

  • AURETR120 - Diagnose and repair network electronic control systems

  • AURETR122 - Diagnose and repair vehicle dynamic control systems

  • AURETR128 - Diagnose and repair instruments and warning systems 

  • AURETR143 - Diagnose and repair electronic body management systems

  • AURAFA103 - Communicate effectively in an automotive workplace 


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