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At AILFE we offer English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS). (CRICOS Code: 0100012) The General English courses cover all English skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking) as well as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Our English team of trainers aim to create a fun and practical learning environment for all learners while extending the learning beyond the classroom covering topics that are useful for everyday communication and correspondence.


Our courses are suitable for anyone who would like to simply develop their English, or anyone looking for a pathway to prepare for academic studies. The course is available at all levels from Elementary to Advanced and all levels are offered in intensive intakes.


At AILFE we believe that learning without having fun is not possible! This is why we also offer incursions, excursions and variety of fun activities for English learning.

Course Levels

  • English for Elementary (General)               


  • English for Pre-Intermediate (General)


  • English for Intermediate (General)


  • English for Upper Intermediate (General)


  • English for Advanced (General)


  • English for Advanced (Academic)

Entry Requirements

No Prerequisites. 

Students are required to sit a Placement Test so that they are allocated in the most appropriate level. AILFE may acknowledge an IELTS certificate to allocate a student at the appropriate level without Placement Test.    


Each Course Level is 10 study weeks, includes:

- 20 hours per week Face-to-face sessions in the classroom

- Educational excursion


English Skills focused

  • Grammar

  • Vocabulary

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Listening

  • Speaking

Class Format

  • Monday, Tuesday, Friday (am)

  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (am)

  • Evening (Monday to Thursday), Friday (am)

  • In addition to AILFE Level Descriptors, the IELTS Bands of 1 to 8 are used as a guide to describe the progressive achievement of English as second language students in the skills of Speaking and Writing; Listening and Reading.

  • These IELTS scores do not represent true IELTS results unless achieved by a student who has undertaken an IELTS test at a licensed and official IELTS test centre.

  • The anticipated weeks of study at an ESL level may vary depending on individual circumstances. For example, commitment to learning, age, individual micro-skill score/ result, and cultural differences.

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